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Discover What Stops You From Losing Weight
And How You Can Overcome It
To Successfully Lose Weight

" I weighed 245 lbs when I started and thanks in good part to you, I have lost 15 lbs. I plan to continue eating healthier and losing weight, and having fun while I do it, thanks to you.
What you have to say on the subject of weight loss and healthy lifestyles makes more sense than anything I have read on the subject, and believe me, at 230 lbs I have read a lot of weight loss articles and books. I love the way you make a game of losing weight and getting healthy - it takes the fear of failure out of the equation." - Terry L. Smith

Are you fed up of struggling to lose weight?

If you're like a lot of people, the answer is a resounding yes!

Countless people are tired of being overweight and they want to make a change.

Perhaps this is you? You've tried losing weight so many times before but find yourself breaking the diet plan just days later. This leaves you feeling a failure. Your confidence takes even more of a hammering and you feel so unhappy about your weight.

You know that you need to stop overeating, but struggle to actually do it. You're constantly thinking of food and dieting, and it drives you mad. You're scared that you may gain even more weight.

Are you wondering whats wrong with you?

Nothing! You see, endless numbers of people have struggled with dieting just like you. Too many diet books give you a strict eating plan and expect you to follow it to the word. Add in all the quick fix products that promise instant results and you're being setup for failure.

There are many things that stop people from losing weight. Yes, its about eating more food than you need. But its more complex than that. For most people who eat more food than they need, there are other underlying reasons causing them to eat.


If you want to be fit, healthy, and energetic

If you want to enjoy the foods you love


WITHOUT dangerous and harmful diet pills—

WITHOUT unreasonable, restrictive, and IMPOSSIBLE diet plans—

WITHOUT torturous exercise regimens—


Let me tell you a little about me first . .

My name is Wendy Hearn and I'm a Weight Loss Success Coach. I worked as a professional diet & fitness instructor for over 5 years helping thousands of people to lose weight and get fitter.

I'm committed to helping my clients make personal breakthroughs so that they can enjoy new and healthier ways of living.

In my experience as a professional diet & fitness instructor, I quickly noticed a VERY interesting pattern. My clients would begin by talking with me about their weight-loss difficulties, their goals, their exercise, their cravings for pizza, chocolate and other "problem foods"—

But without fail, the discussion would turn to personal difficulties, problems at work, or emotional issues. I discovered that these seemingly unrelated issues were at the core of almost every weight-loss problem. Strict diet and exercise programs may help you lose weight temporarily, but—

If you do not tackle the root of the problems that cause you to gain weight, then you will regain that weight you've lost--

--And you will never TRULY feel good about yourself.


""What's Eating You? - Top Ten Things That Stop YOU From Losing Weight"

I've identified ten "triggers" for overeating, and developed specific steps to overcome them. My new ebook, "What's Eating You? - The Top Ten Things That Stop You From Losing Weight" addresses each of these triggers in detail:

  • Boredom- You eat when you're bored or do not have anything interesting to do or look forward to.
  • Feeling Deprived- You feel deprived of the foods which you enjoy and this leaves you craving for them even more.
  • Feeling Disgust or Hatred with Your Body- Your focus is on the things which you feel are wrong with your body.
  • Feeling off Track with Your Diet Plan- Your diet plan is too rigid and it's not achievable for you.
  • Habits- Your daily habits are not as healthy as they may be and you may not even be aware of some of them.
  • Lack of Energy and Feeling Tired- You are putting up with so much in your life that this is constantly draining your energy, leaving you feeling tired.
  • Needing Love and Comfort- You turn to food when you're really needing love and comfort.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed- You have got so much that you feel you must do that you find it difficult to take the first step.
  • Feeling Upset and Hurt- You turn to food when someone says or does something that feels upsetting or hurtful to you.
  • Lack of Willpower- You feel that if you had willpower you would be okay and be able to lose weight.


Recognize any of those? :)

These simple, powerful steps open the door to new confidence and health.

By dealing with these "triggers", the benefits to you will extend well beyond any superficial improvement.


Here’s what you can expect from

"What's Eating You? - The Top Ten Things That Stop You From Losing Weight":


  • Find out how to stop struggling with your weight!
  • Lose weight permanently, safely, and effectively—
  • Do this without drugs, restrictive diets, or demanding exercise programs!
  • Discover the 10 hidden triggers that stop you from losing weight. (Once you identify these triggers in YOU, you can effectively combat them.)
  • Concise, useable advice on how YOU can handle these triggers NOW! (No, it’s not about avoiding your problems—it’s about eliminating the "triggers".)
  • Without giving up the foods you like. (Eat that doughnut without fear of blowing up like a balloon!)
  • Reduce cravings. (How to stop eating what you don’t really need or even want.)
  • Specific and easy ACTION STEPS to overcome your triggers.
  • Live a healthier and more fulfilling life.
  • Create a life filled with pleasure.
  • Learn how you can lose weight without trying so hard. (This isn’t a project with a beginning and an end—this is a process you can enjoy without guilt.)
  • Feel better about yourself and function like a well-oiled machine!
  • Stay on track and ensure the changes you make are permanent!
  • Create more time. Enhance your life rather than deprive yourself of pleasure. (Why should you have to choose between being happy or being thin? You can have both!)
  • Enjoy food again! Enjoy a variety of wonderful foods. (Only your habits lead you to think that "Potato Chips and only potato chips will make me happy!")
  • How to manage your time effectively to make weight-loss possible.
  • The 4 "D’s" of Time Management. (Easy to remember, easy to use).
  • Maintain your enthusiasm with well-planned rewards and celebrations.
  • Discover the power of "No." (It could become your secret weapon!)
  • Forget willpower! There is a better way, and you’ll learn it in this book!
  • Learn how to set and keep positive, realistic goals for yourself.
  • Design your environment to help you achieve your goals!
  • How to identify bad habits and systematically substitute good ones!
  • How to motivate yourself to exercise.
  • Feel more energetic!
  • Define your own rules and keep them positive. (This is the key to developing something that works for YOU.)
  • Kick-start the permanent changes in your life that will free you forever from the inneffective "weight-loss projects" that DON’T work for YOU!
  • Discover what is right for you at this time…and what isn’t!


  • Enjoy your life! (And that’s all you really want, isn’t it?)


Yes, this is a book about enjoying life.


And that is invaluable.

But imagine for a moment that you get hooked into another weight-loss "craze" product. You probably have bought several of those over the years:

Crazy exercise contraptions that-- luckily-- you can use in the privacy of your home--

--and fold them up and store them under your bed--

--because they make you look really ridiculous!.

Tofu diets.

Pills that are now illegal!



Did these things deliver the results you wanted?

How much money did you spend on them?



So here’s the question:


"Are you ready to try a truly different approach to weight-loss?"

What have you got to lose?

Besides weight, of course!



In fact—

"There really IS nothing to lose. It’s GUARANTEED."

I offer a generous full money-back refund if you are not satisfied.

No questions asked.


If you are still reading now, you owe it to yourself.

The price for the ebook is only $12.95 and you could be downloading, reading, and beginning to put these powerful concepts to work for you in just a couple of minutes!

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